Multitude Monday

A friend that I’ve known for a long time has in touch on facebook and we’ve been discussing memorizing the book of Colossians in a year with the plan laid out HERE.  Our beginning date is July 1st and we’ll use the calender starting at January and work though the year that way.  I’m looking forward to having someone keep me accountable for learning and hiding God’s Word in my heart!  I always start something, then give up after a while.  It’s rather sad.
Life has been super busy and will continue to be that way up until the 30th before it starts again in July after what we are hoping is my husband’s vacation.  Lots of dentist appointments this month and next.  Grace had a dentist appointment today and has a small cavity that will need filled.  😦  I feel bad for her already.  I have to get a cavity filled on the 30th and the boys have dentist appointments in July and who knows what will come of those.  I’m having mixed feelings on getting a baby tooth filled though.  The dentist said the tooth with the cavity won’t come out for around 3 years, so it needs filled.  I just don’t know what I think should or shouldn’t happen. I like to read opinions, so feel free to leave them! 🙂
This past weekend I was recovering from my illness of last week.  It was a terrible head cold, in the almost summer time (at least according to the calendar).   It was not a fun time, but good things come out of it and I’ll be writing about it in my list here shortly.
As devotionals go, I’ve been reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.  She has such an interesting way of writing and such a heart for God and living for God daily and thanking Him for the gifts He gives us each and every day.  It’s been a blessing and a refreshing to my stagnant walk with God.  Along with this I am reading each day from My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers.  There’s always a Bible verse and Mr. Chambers’ insight into God’s Word.  I love the small bite of Scripture to chew on each day.  
My Multitude for Today:
41. for my dad (his birthday was LAST Monday and Father’s Day was yesterday)
42. Eric, the father of my children, love of my life that God has blessed me with.
43. improvements with the lady I visit each week
44. chicken and rice lunch
45. friend for the boys to play with
46.  good and sweet children
47. peanut butter toast
48. hot coffee on a cold morning
49. encouragement from friends
50. conviction from God
51. cool, refreshing water to drink
52. sounds from the radio
53. cold medicine 
54. boiling, hot bath
55. some restful sleep
56. rain for the garden
57. hot tea and soft blankets
58. beautiful wild flowers
59. beauty after rain
60. sweet summer smells
61. the smile of my sweet daughter
62. accountability partner to memorize God’s Word!
63. local stores to shop at in a hurry
64. ability to pray for others
65.  yard sales
66. fresh, luscious sweet grapes
67. new clothes for the children
68. jumping and laughing with the kids on the trampoline
69. My Utmost for His Highest 
70. One Thousand Gifts that are such a joy to count!
Some days I feel like my list could go on and on.  Today I just went with it.  God gives such wonderful gifts I am so thankful for each and every one of them!

2 thoughts on “Multitude Monday

  1. Great list today!! I stopped by from Ann's blog. I love 57& 58 the most and hopefully we will have some 59 this week – we have not had rain in over a month!!
    Blessings to you & yours!

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