Here’s a Give Away

I read and follow Homestead Revival and she is having a giveaway through a food storage site called THRIVE.  I was surfing through the site last week just because I like to see what is out there for a little extra food storage.

The THRIVE items are packaged very cute (if that matters, lol), but they have some good foods, fruits, vegetables and dairy products.  

Drop on over and enter the giveaway!


2 thoughts on “Here’s a Give Away

  1. Hallo there!1 I,m from Sweden and I have a blog there I lay in much music! My english is not so good but I hope you understand it! I think you have a nice blog whit many nice pictures! I,m glad that you have found a good man and have nice childrens. I live by my own and my children has growing up! Take care! Margaretha!

  2. Hi! I been so glad that you answer! Not everybody who do that!I trying to wright in english sometimes in my blog because it's many amricans who is visit it but i dont know if they are reading but I hope they ar listening on the music! Have a really nice day 🙂

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