Not Sure of A Good Title …

A few thoughts for titles could be
1.  Stray Thoughts
2.  Thirsty Soul
3a.  Conviction for a Blabber-Mouth  
3b. Confessions of a Blabber- Mouth
4.  Learning to Be Thankful
5.  Working on a Few Things in Life
6.  Waiting for the Medicine to Start Working
(cold medicine, I am sick today)
I am thankful for Alka Seltzer Cold medicine today.
Its fizzy, bubbliness  is a tad soothing, but I’m waiting for the 
sleeping that I hope comes from it.
There are several choices I guess.  You can pick one at the end if you chose to.  I think they are all fitting.
I’ve started reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.  I’ve been following her site for a while now and have been blessed, encouraged and convicted in several areas of my life – spiritually.  It’s amazing how God uses other folks to get the attention of His flailing, wandering ones back to Him.  
I may seem to have all my spiritual “ducks in a row.”  Looks can sure be deceiving.  Honestly, I am far from that.  My Mid-Year Evaluation post started the thinking process, and then yesterday I posted a Scripture & a Snapshot and the Scripture has been haunting me ever since.  It’s a good haunting.  A haunting of the Holy Spirit is surely a good thing!
“And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business, and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you.” I Thess. 4:11
This mid-year evaluation post started me thinking about my reading through the Bible in one year.  I’ve done it many times throughout my life and some times have been more meaningful than others.  After nearly 6 months of trying to keep up and struggling along to get all the pages read, I dropped it.   I would get something out of it every once in a while, but most of the time it was just a lot of words staring up at me.  The trouble is mine for not biting into the Word and chewing the meat of it as I should have and being thankful for the precious freedom I do have to read and study His Word, and worship freely in a church that preaches the Gospel.  
Conviction over my blabber-mouth  . . .study to be QUIET and do your OWN business . . .  Many words have flown out of my mouth over the past year or so that I wish I could have eaten right back up before the wounds were made with them.  Words to my husband, my three precious and tender children, words to others and about others which should not have been said, and finally my own opinion which I should not have always felt free to share, especially when it could possibly be hurtful to others.  Studying to be quiet . . . this is something that I must really study and apply to my life and to my mouth.  I have much to learn in this department, especially since I LOVE to talk, ramble, and like the sound of noise.
One other things I’ve learned is that people, all of us, are humans.  We are all weak, unworthy and unholy without God in our lives.  It’s amazing how perspective changes things.  When I was young, I put people and places on a pedestal and really thought it was all perfect.  As an adult, I can see what my young eyes could not, and it’s not a fault of anyone’s, just a different perspective on life.  It’s a good thing to see this and realize that, like myself, we are all on this journey through life trying to live and love God with all our heart, soul, and mind.  Often failing, but often trying.  God’s gift is that He gives us each new day to start over and try to get it right.  His mercies are new every morning and great IS His faithfulness!

3 thoughts on “Not Sure of A Good Title …

  1. Emily,

    I just came by here from Ann's. You posted just before me today and I like to visit my “neighbors” every Monday and Wednesday when I can. I especially liked the verse from I Thessalonians 4:11. Really? you can study to be quiet? Alleluia! I love to study and I need to be quiet. This verse was made for me.

    It was good being here. Thanks for a great new concept.

    Keeping quiet in Jesus,

  2. early morning use to be my quiet time with my scriptures, then I would work out and pray. Since my surgery it just has not happened.

    Glad that tomorrow is a new day to start fresh once again. May I do better tomorrow.

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