Planning Inspiration!

Today I was reading a post titled “Planning, Planning, Planning” by Sam at The Kelley Eight.  She is incredibly and amazingly organized! Wow!  Almost puts me to shame, but I realize everyone is unique and organized (or disorganized) in our own ways.  🙂

So all her planning inspired me to do some planning and I got 6 weeks of lessons planned for our U.S. History Study for the next school year!  I’m still working on different activities to go along with the lessons, but I found some great resources online that we’ll be using.  I’ve never planned a “unit study” officially, but I’m finding it fun so far!  It’ll be great to get it done and feel accomplished.

Along with that, I made a school schedule that we’ll start mid-August (I’m aiming for the 15th).  I also need to read up on our Nature Study book and see how it recommends doing these studies!

More on planning another time. . .


3 thoughts on “Planning Inspiration!

  1. Sam puts us all to shame.. don't feel bad. I was just mentally orchestrating my trip to the office store and visited her blog first. LOL! I need to get moving on planning. July 5th will be here before ya know it.

  2. I already have some 3 ring binders. I got them at a store called Ollie's (it's a discount type store, don't know if you have it where you are, Robin). They have plain white binders that are pretty nice and cheap. I'm still where I was in planning the other day though. I've been too sick to concentrate on school lately. In fact, I should be napping now, but thought I would check my online haunts first. 🙂

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