Multitude Monday/Weekend in Review {365, too}

This was a rather full weekend or maybe not.  🙂  I think I was lazy a lot this weekend.

My niece came over Friday and stayed until after church yesterday.  My daughter had a glorious time with her cousin and is always so sad when she leaves.  Grace hates being the only girl and being the youngest because everyone bosses her around.  Honestly, I am really struggling with my daughter. She is an entirely different creature than my sons.  Growing up as a girl and growing up a girl are totally different to me.  Seeing my niece and my daughter together shows me the difference in birth order and how they see the world.  My niece sees the world through her imagination and “tending” (pretending) to do all kinds of things.  My daughter sees pretending kind of silly, at least all the girly stuff.  She was more willing to pretend if none of us were watching (I pretended not to watch sometimes). 🙂  I definitely need more prayer and searching God’s Word for help and wisdom with my parenting “skills.”

Sunday morning the kids and I went to church, my hubby is suffering from a terrible head cold. 😦   Yesterday I taught the little kids during service time, it has been a while.  They are a cute little crowd!  The older class had 16 kids!  That’s great in June!  Lots go on vacation over the summer months.  Afterwards we met my brother and his wife to drop off my niece, then I took the kids out for lunch, came home and spent a lazy afternoon at home.  I enjoy the time of rest.  I rarely rest as I should.

Here are my Monday Multitude {21-40}:
#21  a quiet morning
#22  gentle thunderstorms
#23  rain for the garden
#24  my camera, which I love
#25 the internet
#26  Becky’s visit last Tuesday
#27  Farm Fresh Milk
#28  A hardworking husband (finished ventilating the chicken coop AND went to work though very sick)
#29  trying mornings . . .  builds character, right? 🙂
#30  bananas and peanut butter – yum!
#31  coffee in the mornings
#32  God’s Word, always has what is needed for each days challenges and blessings.
#33  chicken dinner Eric cooked on the grill this past Saturday – so delicious!
#34  Grace enjoyed Ayla for the weekend!
#35  A Lazy Day, or two.
#36  clean clothes
#37  a soft bed to sleep on
#38  Improvements with Rose – she called me today and told me she didn’t need help with laundry.  She seems to be remembering more and that is wonderful!
#39  today is my dad’s birthday – without him, I wouldn’t be here.
#40  chicken and rice for lunch!  I love it!

I love daises!
Especially one picked and given to me by my daughter

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