Chicken News

 Today we had the fairy chicken princess stop by.
Grace was quite excited about this and told me I HAD to get a picture.
 Henny Penny obviously was not thrilled being a fairy princess.
She ran away squawking until the wings fell off. 
 Today’s eggs.  The huge middle one was a double yolker.
We haven’t had one of those lately.
No wonder the hen was clucking like crazy after laying that thing!
3.32oz Whew!
 Yesterday my husband installed a ventilation fan in the 
coop.  The last few days of 90 degree temps was rather hot,
so we got this to help them out.
 These are the peeps.  They are getting SO big!
 Spot and Rusty eating some oats.
 Patch.  Definitely a rooster.
Francis is very hard to photograph.  The little
bugger moves constantly and hates when people get near her.
The only way to really hold her is when they get in the coop
in the evenings.  
It’s hard to believe that they are a little over 2 months old.
Some of the other hens baby sit them.
Crystal (a Dark Cornish) watches them sometimes.
It’s cute, really. So does a white one from time to time.
They don’t go running after them and pecking them
like some of the other ones.
Anyway, that is what’s up in the chicken
coop at our place this week.  

One thought on “Chicken News

  1. I love all the pictures you have on your blog. I can see your camera is getting put to good use. 🙂

    I think I may have fixed my commenting problem. If so, I'll be able to comment a whole lot more.

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