The Moon Last Night {365}

 Because of my night-owlishness I was up around 12:30 or so
and I saw the moon and decided to take a few pictures of it.
This one was taken with the “night landscape” setting.
 This one I had adjusted in manual mode.
It’s the color I saw with my eyes.
This was on “bulb” and I was moving my camera for fun.
I had several different pictures like this, but this was the neatest.
At least in my opinion. 
Have I mentioned that I’m enjoying my new camera these days?
I’m currently saving $$ for  a 55mm – 300mm lens.
But I’m torn between that or a macro lens a little.
I love macro shots. A LOT.
But I would love to be able to zoom in from farther away, too.
Well, I don’t have enough for either at this point in time.
I’ll just keep trying to decide in the meantime. 🙂

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