Surprise Visitor!

This was this morning before we started our schooling.
Fun with chickens, as always.
 We had a surprise visitor today.  
Becky, Eric’s cousin, stopped by for a bit!
**I must amend this, Becky and I have been good friends,
almost sisters really, for longer than I’ve known my husband.**
She’s busy getting ready for a trip.
More on that in a minute. 🙂
She had fun bouncing around with the kiddos for a bit.
 They enjoyed jumping on the trampoline.
I decided to stick my camera in the enclosure and
get some fun shots.
This one is a good sample. 🙂
  Becky here (holding our Henny Penny) is going away.
She is currently raising money for a missions trip to 
Malawi, Africa for the next year. 
It’s exciting to see how God is moving her to serve Him overseas!
Please pray for her as she is raising the needed funds.  
She currently has about a half year of funds raised.
She’s not sure exactly what she’ll be doing, BUT she’ll 
be there to do whatever is needed. 
Prayers are much appreciated!

3 thoughts on “Surprise Visitor!

  1. Best wishes to Becky on preparing for her mission. There is nothing sweeter than being in the service of the Lord.

    Trampoline looks like loads of fun.

  2. Thank you for the prayers ladies! They truly are appreciated! She's very excited about this new page in her life and I am excited for her!

    Robin, as for the trampoline, we LOVE it! If you get one, definitely get it with an enclosure! 🙂 It's a very good “phys. ed” class.

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