Weekend In Review {365}

 Youth Field Days was a little chilly first thing in the morning.
We were there by about 7:30am.
 We watched some bird hunting dogs. 
They are fun to watch point.
 This one is so cute!
Look how long his tongue is!
 Our favorite bird guy wasn’t there this year, but the 
honeybee guy was instead.
 They let me shoot at clay targets.
I hit one out of 3. 
I had never done that and I really liked it!
 My favorite picture of the day is this one.
Ryan didn’t want me to get a picture of him in these,
so I made it my goal.
He’s thrilled, as you can see.
Those are SWEET safety glasses.
 Firing at balloons.
He hit all 5.
Nathan did, too, and for some reason I didn’t get a picture of
him on here.  
 Grace likes to shoot all the guns.
She’s good, too!
We didn’t win any prizes this year, but we really enjoyed the 
day out with the family!
We saw a bunch of homeschoolers from the groups we
go out with on field trips.
 Just because.
 My husband, the chicken whisperer.
He was feeding the rooster the green tops of wild carrots.
The rooster loves those.
 More just because . . .
 Trimming back some overgrowth in our yard.
 More trampoline fun!
 This raccoon loves leftover chicken feed.
I’m glad I put the stuff that was in the sled
in the chicken’s food trough last night!
He would have had a feast. 
 Ryan was having fun building today.
 Stall tactics when we were supposed to be doing school.
It’s rather impressive.
He used tweezers to build this.

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