Multitude Monday

holy experience
I’m new to this and will be starting at #1 and counting!  I’ve been so blessed by Ann Voskamp’s site A Holy Experience.  She’s such an inspiration to get our focus on God, Who has truly blessed us more than we deserve.
#1 .I’m thankful for my salvation through Jesus Christ.
#2. The husband God has given me.  He’s sweet, funny and sensitive (just don’t tell him I said so).
#3. Our 3 children, such blessings, even when parenting isn’t easy.
#4.  Nathan, my oldest son.  A tender heart.
#5.  Ryan, my middle son.  Very determined.
#6.  Grace, my youngest daughter.  Miss Personality.
#7.  A church that preaches the Gospel.
These next ones are what I’ve written for June so far:
#8. a dentist to re-fill a tooth that had a broken filling
#9. time alone with my husband the other evening.
#10.  a great evening with the family (this was Friday, the 3rd)
#11.  wonderful day with the kids at Youth Field Days!
#12. totally enjoying the Book of James lapbook/notebook that the kids and I are working on this summer! 
#13.  a good day of “summer school”
just some more, I’m on a roll! 🙂 
#14.  chickens that give us a never ending supply of good eggs!
#15.  summer sunshine and warmth
#16.  a garden that is growing so well right now
#17.  cousins that play well together
#18.  country living
#19.  the smell of the flowers and the sneezing fits from the pollen 🙂
#20. getting stuff accomplished on the homeschool front – portfolios just about done and evaluations coming up!

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