Mid-Year Evaluation

It’s hard to believe it is June already!  Where is the year going?  Where am I going and what am I doing?  What are we doing as a family?

The last couple weeks we’ve been taking off school and I’ve been trying . . . well, ok not really trying hard. . . to get the boy’s portfolios ready.  They pretty much are ready, but they are a little disorganized and I’m not sure what all I should put in them.  We LOVE the lady that evaluated the boys last year, but she is not approved by our school district to do it again (her 10 years after teaching in a school are up, so she has to be approved by the superintendent).  We’re trying to get that all figured out . . . but I’d love for her to evaluate us again.

Monday we’re going to start our summer school and I need to figure that out in the next few days.  It’s definitely going to be a light load.  They will continue through their math books and work on reviewing spelling and Grammar and work on some writing (at least Nathan will).

I have plans floating around in my head for when school starts up again in August.  I need to get them to the computer and get busy.

Aside from these few things, I’ve been busy with the chickens, trying to clean my house (ha), gardening and doing some summer reading.  I love books!

My reading “through the Bible in a year” has skidded to a halt.  I read it because I am determined to finish, but I don’t feel as though it’s profitable spiritually.  Does that make sense?  Reading it just to “get through” doesn’t seem like such a good plan and I don’t sit and think about what I’m reading.  I’m reading because I want to finish in a year.  Maybe it’s the reading plan I’m using.  I could switch and see how that goes.  I feel like I jump around a lot with the plan I started with.  So that is how that is going.  Just not so well at the moment.  Ahh, priorities, priorities, always a struggle to get them right!

With us not having a schedule these last couple weeks it’s been kind of nice, but I look forward to a schedule again, even if it’s just a light one!

Today (June 2nd) I had a dentist appointment.  Yeah, it has been a while!  I think 2008 . . . thankfully I have good, healthy teeth.  Yesterday I had a filling fixed and found out today that I need one filling.  Whatever they are shooting into my mouth to numb it just makes my heart race.  I hate it.  I always have bizarre teeth dreams and worrying about drilling and doesn’t help.  🙂  Oh well, better to have healthy teeth even if it isn’t fun. The kids all have appointments this month.  Ryan is going to the eye dr’s on the 16th.  I want to make sure his eyes are not causing some of his reading issues and if they are, then at least we’ll know!  I do put off doctor appointments for way too long.

As a family, we are doing well.  Have been rather healthy this year – Praise the Lord!  I think allergies have set in for myself and Nathan and maybe Ryan.  We’ve been very sneezy and drippy the last few days.  Sunday, Monday and Tuesday we had very hot weather and we LOVED it!    As you saw from the pictures, we were rather busy and we just enjoyed our time together as a family.  It has cooled off considerably since then – my hair is less frizzy.

Eric’s job is keeping him very busy and for that we are very thankful!  He should be taking a vacation here some time soon!  yay!  I love when he’s home on vacation or anything longer than a weekend.

Summer reading:  I have read Double Minds by Terri Blackstone and just started reading Summer Hill Secrets 1 by Beverly Lewis.  I have another book in my bedroom, but I can’t remember the title or author at this moment.  I picked them up at Ollie’s and am enjoying what I’m reading.  I figure books for $2-$4 is not a bad deal.  🙂

I started visiting a woman a couple days a week, but we’re cutting it down to once a week.  She is sweet and I like visiting her a lot and while her memory isn’t that great, she seems to be doing ok at home.  Rose is a friend of mine’s grandmother and they asked me to check on her.  They are worried about her being alone so much since she can’t remember things very well. I just love her and am glad for the opportunity to help them out (and earn a little money, too).

This blog post has taken me 2 days to write.  I keep putting it aside to try to do things . . .things with the kids, things for my family, things for the kids schooling.  This summer has been rather busy, so far, and I love it!  I love the time God has given our family to live each day together and am going to work on these portfolios a little longer and go take pictures of my daughter chasing and catching butterflies and my son cleaning his bedroom and make sure my older son is feeling ok.  



2 thoughts on “Mid-Year Evaluation

  1. I hope that you get the all of your portfolios in order. I am so thankful that we don't have to do that. I'd be pulling my hair out!

    I agree with you about reading the Bible through in a year. If you are just reading to flip pages it's not nearly as beneficial as meditating on a page or two a day.

    Hope all is well and that you enjoying your break!

  2. I recall the days of homeschooling and putting our portfolios together. I really enjoyed the charter school we worked with in CA. Here in Utah we don't have the homeschool charters like in CA. I miss that. I have been very happy with our public school here in our small town.

    Reading the Bible straight through is hard for me. I break it up by the books with in. And I don't always read them in order. I find that some times there are subjects that need focusing on or meditating on over reading right through.

    Enjoy your break. Like you I will be having our children do some summer school stuff. Even though they are not in school. I like to keep them reading, doing some math and writing. It keeps them on track when they go back in the fall.

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