Glorious Day to Garden! {365}

 Here’s our garden this morning. 
This was before I attempted to rake it
and before my husband plowed it again since my raking was a joke.
After all the rain we have had this spring, it needed another plowing.
This is the back side of my garden after plowing and raking.
In this corner are radishes and cucumbers and a couple
tomatoes.  The other corner to the right has more tomatoes
and zucchini and spinach.
This is from the entryway into the garden.
To the left are 6 rows of green beans.
We LOVE green beans!
I still have some space that I’d like to plant something in, but
just not sure what to plant and by the time I got to the
green beans, I was quite exhausted.
To the right are the kid’s onions,
4 rows of peas and 2 rows of cabbage. 
Now I’m giving this garden to God for protection!
I do not have a green thumb, but I love trying!
The weather was so pretty today that our farmer neighbor finally 
could plow his field behind our property.  
I love the smell of freshly plowed dirt.
 He did a second plowing later today and it looks wonderful!
I am envious of this field of dirt! 🙂  
My garden is very rocky and we need to add some soil
to it, probably next year.   
My husband had a hankerin’ for some chicken cooked over
the fire pit this evening.  He did a fantastic job getting dinner!
It was nice to not worry about it since
I was totally exhausted from gardening today! 
Oh, I forgot about this little part of our day.
So I’m standing there  in the garden and I hear this noise.
We couldn’t figure it out at first, then Eric realized it was
a swarm of honeybees.  We could hear them coming and then it started
to get quieter again.  After a bit we followed the buzzing and found
where the bees were resting.  I was zoomed as much as possible, but
you can’t see it as good as I’d hoped.  It was an amazing experience.
Neither of us had ever heard or seen anything like this. 
I LOVE days like today.
Very productive and just wonderful to be outside all day!
Thank you, God, for the sunshine!
It was much appreciated!

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