Chicken News

 Grace has been wanting to hold a chick for a LONG time.
Mama Eisenhower wasn’t too thrilled about that idea for the longest time, 
BUT yesterday Grace got her chance and Mama didn’t seem to care!
 Here are Rusty (brownish colored one) and Francis (the black one).
 From left to right are Francis, Spot, Rusty and Patch.
Not a great picture, but they are getting big!
 Last night Eisenhower got up on the roost and no one wanted to be near her.
Eric had to put the chicks up by her because they couldn’t make it up there
themselves.  Thankfully everyone was alive in the coop this morning!
Notice the black hen next to the Mama, she is leaning away from the Mama.
 We always joke about the “chicken chi” being messed up 
from time to time and last night it was messed up big time!
Usually the black hens are on one side of the rooster and 
the white ones and gray one are on the other side of him.
 As you can see here, it was a jumbled mess last night!
They were squished together as much as possible to stay away
from Eisenhower and the chicks on the other end.
They do protest not being in their proper places.
What a grumpy lot they become!
He has nothing to do with this post, but he does make good faces.
The chicks are nearing 7 weeks old.
Patch is definitely a rooster in the making.
He tries to do rooster type things to his Mama.
I tell him he’s not allowed to do that, but he doesn’t listen!
*If anyone wants a rooster, do let me know!*
My husband doesn’t want to make him into dinner, but
I did tell him he could instruct the boys on how to do it.  
A survival skill, if you will.  
Today is to be SUNNY and WARM!!
What a combo!  I can hardly wait!  
I must get my breakfast and start doing stuff in the garden.
I’ve been itching to plant things for a couple weeks now!
It will be soggy and rocks will need picked out, but
I think the kids will be a great help in that department! 🙂
Have a great day!!

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