Last Day of the Last Week of School!

 There is a huge battle going on in the living room right now.
This is how school has started the last 2 weeks or so. 🙂
 Look at the carnage!  
Lego guts everywhere! 😉
 This robot is a creation by Ryan.
All the other lego characters are fighting each other.
 I saw Nathan sitting here, but not sure if he created this set-up
OR if Ryan did. Ryan is particular when it comes to playing Legos. lol
 The battle is still raging on here.  I’m not sure who was winning.
 There are Grace’s creations.  She assembled them.
They were previously scattered all of the boy’s bedroom floor.
 She showed me the back of this dude.
You can see his power crystals and jet packy things.
I know, I’m so descriptive.  I can’t remember what she called them.
They are rather menacing!  
The battle is still raging in the living room.
They haven’t even eaten breakfast yet and it’s nearly 10am!
Sometimes you just can’t ruin a good play time.
They won’t be playing together like this forever, ya know?!
Week 36
School will finish up today be adding some finishing touches to their
PA State History Notebooks.
Taking a spelling test.
Writing out a Bible verse and continue memorizing
Psalm 23.  
And more Lego play. 🙂
This has been a very different and fun year for us!
After using ACE up until this school year, we 
just didn’t realize school could actually be fun and not as stressful
as it had been for many years.
While ACE is a good curriculum and works well for some, 
it was just not for us.  I’m still getting the hang of what works
or doesn’t work and constantly thinking about things we can do
to make it better! I’ve enjoyed the freedom to change and not feel
chained to finishing 12 PACES in EACH subject.
We still have areas of struggle, especially with Ryan and his reading,
but we are working on these things.  It will take time and patience.
I’ve been thankful for the SWR yahoo group.
They have much great advice and ideas to help our situation out.
Nathan has enjoyed school, for the most part, this year. 
He has had his attitude problems with some things, as we 
all do at times. 🙂  He does great when he is really interested in something!
Grace is doing well.  She LOVES her Math U See.  She’s in Beta
and cruising along.  Spelling/reading are a little slow going, but
she does know all her sounds.  She just gets flustered when pushed.
I do push her a little because I know she can do it, but I don’t 
push for too long.  
We’ll be doing summer school, starting June 6th.
It’s going to be a very light load, but I don’t want the kids to forget
all the things they’ve been learning this year.
I have 2 sites I’ll be using for fun review activities!
Have a wonderful summer!
God bless!!

10 thoughts on “Last Day of the Last Week of School!

  1. Aww, thanks for the compliment! 🙂 I saw the visitor from Great Falls, too. How neat that's only an hour away. 🙂 Love and miss you, too!
    oh and I feel FREE (almost, lol)!

  2. Congratulations for finishing up for the year! We're essentially finished already, but still working here and there on some loose ends (but we might be working on them most of the summer). Stopping by from Weekly Wrap-up!

  3. Congrats on finishing up! We called it done on Monday knowing some things will linger through the summer. But like you I think it helps them from forgetting so much!

  4. Thanks ladies! 🙂 It's nice to have a little free time. I still have to get the kid's portfolios ready and they have to be evaluated and a few other pieces of paperwork need to be done, but it's nice to have the offical 180 days under our belt! 🙂

  5. Lucky you!! We have a few more weeks left. I can't wait!!!

    I hope you find what works for your family soon. There's so much out there to choose from. What a blessing it is to be able to fit the curriculum to our schools.

    We've been using Sonlight as our spine from the beginning and we've loved every second. But ask me how many math and LA curriculums we've tried? LOL Quite a few.

    Now watch tot require something totally different when she's ready to do formal school. LOL

    Just popping in from the wrap-up.

  6. It does take a while to figure out what works for each family. And then it seems one needs to tinker with it all the time to keep it interesting.

  7. we do summer units too, just like you, so the brains don't gel!! and it has been so hot in the various places we have lived.

    i totally understand the fumbling through things finding out they don't work. i did that for grades 2&3 of my oldest's school life. he survived… i think 😉

  8. Thanks ladies! It's a great feeling to be done! 🙂 Our Country Road, the battle raged for quite a bit yesterday! 🙂 They totally had a blast!

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