Homestead Revival Giveaway

I read Homestead Revival and enjoy it!  A lot!

The goals of the author, Amy, are these:
1. “ To see women joyfully embrace the opportunity to return to all aspects of homemaking:”


2. •”To call families to get back to the basics of living closer to the land God gave us, not only for our benefit, but as faithful stewards of the land as well;”

3. • “To leave a legacy and educate the next generation that they may learn these things from their youth and not have to struggle to discover what many of us have had to realize after squandering our God-given roles and gifts.”

I have MUCH to learn, but I really enjoy the encouragement, advice and challenges presented on this blog!  Challenges to be prepared and just to know how to do things with what you have at home.  It’s good to have extra supplies on-hand.  Who knows what the future holds, but God. You never know when you many need these supplies for your family or even to help out others.  

Today Homestead Revival is having a Giveaway !  It’s an emergency supply of Food Ration Bars from USA Emergency Supply.  They are giving away a case of these Food Bars which would be good for anyone’s emergency food supply kit or in a grab & go bag.  Each bar is 400 calories and already portioned for you.  You can enter this  Giveaway, too!  Just head on over to Homestead Revival’s Giveaway page and see how you can enter!



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