Weekly Wrap-Up

Week 35
This past week was a very relaxed week of school.  The kids were playing with their Legos every morning, except Tuesday when we went to the Science Center, and I couldn’t disrupt them getting along so well each day.  I figure that their playtime together and working on their creativity is important.  They aren’t going to sit and play Legos together forever.  
School was rather relaxed this week.  I tried getting them to work by about 10:30 or 11am each day.  They did ok, but I can definitely tell they work better earlier in the day!  I’m not letting it happen next week.  I think we do much better earlier!
The kids each finished a MATH lesson this week.  
Nathan was working on Comma Rules in his EASY GRAMMAR this week.  Yes, we have a lot of work to do on those!  He seems to forget them from day to day, so I think one thing we’ll do this summer is a lot of  practice on the whiteboard – even if it’s only for a few minutes each day.  
Ryan and Grace are working through their EXPLODE THE CODE books.  Ryan will be taking his test next week and will start books 3 and 3 1/2.  Grace is still working on her books 2 and 2 1/2.  I think I’m cutting her pages per day down to 2 per day.  She can read, but she just gets overwhelmed by too many pages. 
SPELLING this week was ok.  Nathan took his section Q-6 test on Friday and missed 4 this week.  I found that odd since the day before he took a practice test and only missed 2.  The 4 he missed were different than the 2 from the other day, too.  Could have to do with the time of day and all that.  Ryan and Grace worked on reading their lessons A through I-3.  They were practicing reading quicker and smoother through their lists.  Still have work to do, but starting next week we are dictating 5 words per day and doing little quizzes on them, along with working on phonogram and rule cards.  I was reading MAMA JENN‘s site and she posted a page yesterday that has Phonogram Tiles.  I printed them up today and need to buy some magnets and we’ll practice words with them and a few other mediums to help Ryan and Grace with their spelling and reading.  My main deal is just sitting and organizing things lately.  I really need to be better prepared for activities so we can just have fun with them!  
BIBLE was good this week!  The kids are continuing their copywork through the alphabet list I have for them.  Yesterday they finished W and after we’re done with the alphabet, they just copy some other verses to finish the week.  They are continuing to work on memorizing Psalm 23 and we read through the story of Noah’s Ark and did some fun activity pages to go along with it.  
Of course, Tuesday we went to the Carnegie Science Center for a field trip.  That was a really good day!  
My next thing to do  is to put together the kid’s portfolios and get them evaluated so we can turn in their stuff to the school district before the end of June.  After next week, we’ll take a week or so off and then we’ll start our light summer work.  I need to sit and write out a schedule for that.  
I’m thinking next week we’ll skip Math and work on putting together their PA State Notebooks, as well as Spelling and a few other things.  Just light and easy/fun days to finish the school year.  
That’s a wrap! 🙂  

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