Flowers for Mama {365}

 My daughter came to me today with these.
At first I was like “Oh no,  you picked flowers off all the tree and bushes.”
Then I realized that she knows I LOVE those flowers and wanted to bring some
into the house for ME.  
I changed my tune and decided to take pictures of this.
It won’t be long and she will no longer be here to do
these sweet things for her mama.  
And I will be sad when that happens.
These are the most beautiful flowers ever!
 We took several pictures of her with a couple different flowers.
I chose to put this one on here.
She’s so adorable and in credibly sweet.
She laid them down in a row on the carpet for a nice picture, too.
Aren’t they beautiful?

4 thoughts on “Flowers for Mama {365}

  1. That is very thoughtful! I often catch myself “freaking out” over something that at first seems awful, only to realize the sweet sentiment behind it. You are right, the years will go quickly.

  2. So sweet! I can so relate to your reaction- I remember one time when my little son came to me with his hands just like your top photo and they were full of harebell (on of my favorite flowers) blooms. For a moment I felt bad because they were all off of their stems and would quickly die but then I felt so incredibly blessed to have a son who picked beautiful flowers just to give to me.

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