Field Trip – Carnegie Science Center

 Met my friend, Tricia and her girls at the Science Center – along with a friend
of hers that had passes for us.  What a blessing! 
 The kids enjoyed this machine.
 Grace programmed the above machine to make a design with the dots.
 Of course C-3PO was a hit!
 As was R2D2!
 Grace playing in the sub.
 They were checking out what was under a microscope here.
Nathan noticed I was taking a picture and decided to be silly.
 The kids love playing in the water.
I don’t know what they were trying to build, but they
were working together!
 Building an “earthquake proof” building.
It really didn’t fall over!
I haven’t mentioned that I am so thankful for my GPS!
I was unusually nervous driving into the “‘burgh”
yesterday morning, but we made it there with
no problems.  I’m totally a country bumpkin.
It was an educational, fun day!
I’ll be adding more of our trip’s pictures to my facebook page.


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