Rain, Rain Go Away

I need sunshine. 
I really do.  
Our last day of sunshine was Saturday. 
And it was a beautiful day of sunshine!   
We were outside most of the day, playing in the dirt and soaking up some rays.
I even got slightly pink on my arms and nose.
My nose always gets burned first on my face.
I think because it is a prominent feature.
Once I was told it looked “Victorian.”  LOL  
Anyway, enough about my schnoz. 🙂
We are having a slow morning here.  Yesterday was wonderful!  
The kids finished their schoolwork by 9am! WTG kids!
We were off to visit their cousin’s for the day and I
prepared a couple meals for my sister-in-law’s parents
that live next to them.  My SIL and BIL were away
celebrating their 25th Anniversary.
Guess what it did almost all day yesterday?
If you guessed RAIN, you are right!
 I’ve been muddling along in my walk with God.
Playing huge catch up in my Bible reading.
I don’t know why I run off some mornings and not read.
It adds up and then I feel swamped trying to catch-up.
Just about there now. . .I have 2 chapters in Acts to read
and then I’m FINALLY up-to-date.  
I love Acts!
I may try to get a few pictures today.
I have been so un-inspired.
Outdoor photography is my favorite, so I 
suppose I should stretch myself and work on some indoor
photography. . . 

One thought on “Rain, Rain Go Away

  1. I agree with you on the rain. Today is looking a little sunny. Although, it could just be daylight. I'm so used to the cloudy overcast it's really hard to tell. Ready for summer!

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