Weekend In Review {365}

 Saturday was a day without rain, so we weeded the future garden plot.
It was so overgrown it needed weeded first.
 Then my wonderful husband tilled it!
 This is what the outcome was and I love freshly tilled
brown, soft earth!
 A little tree about to bloom.
 My blooming Azaleas.
 Another decorative tree about to bloom.
 The chickens love the freshly tilled garden.
The amount of worms and bugs they’ve eaten is amazing!
An apple tree blossoming in our yard.
It definitely needs to be pruned so we can enjoy the fruit.
For now, I’ll just enjoy the blossoms!
This is probably one of my favorites from the weekend.
Eisenhower and the chicks on a log catching some rays and preening.
I did, however, miss the BEST picture ever.
Eisenhower was out with the chicks and were scratching
over by this tree.  She was taking a dirt bath when our rooster
goes over to her.  He was scratching around in the dirt by her, 
then he sat by her and they stayed like that for a long time.
Of course, when I finally decided to get my camera another
hen came along and ruined the moment.  
The mama went into attack mode.
I just thought it was sweet how they were hanging out together.
I think our rooster misses his main girlfriend and they were
enjoying some quality time together.  She is totally ok with him
near the chicks, too.  It’s very sweet!
And that is my love story for today.
I’m super proud of our troops and what they
accomplished yesterday.  God is just and is in control
and I am ever so thankful for that!

7 thoughts on “Weekend In Review {365}

  1. That second tree that's about to bloom looks very much like a serviceberry tree….and if that's the case, it's good for eating! Serviceberries make a jelly that tastes like Hawaiian Punch!

  2. It does grow some type of berry on it. I always thought they were some type of cherries. lol The first one with the light pink almost blossoms are crab apples? At least that's what I found on the internet.

    Thanks for the heads up about service-berries! 🙂

  3. They DO look like little cherries and I'm sure you can find a picture online to verify it. They are so delicious…sweet and sort of almond-ish. Just make sure you get to them before the birds do 🙂

  4. I am glad someone had warmer weather than we did. We awoke to 2 inches of snow on Saturday. I was grateful it melted. Just did not get the warmth as I had hoped for. Today was a bit warmer.

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