Weekly Wrap-Up

Week 33
This week was another good week of school.  We have been sticking to the basics, mostly.  Bible, Math, Spell to Write and Read, and Explode the Code.  
MATH:  All 3 kids finished at least a lesson in Math this week and Nathan finished his first unit test in his Gamma book.  Grace is doing very well in her Beta book and Ryan is also doing well in Gamma.  He needs to really work on his multiplication tables so he knows them by heart.  
GRAMMAR:  Nathan is working on Grammar.  He finished his noun unit and has been getting ready to take his End of the Noun Unit Cumulative Test, again.
SPELLING:  Ryan and Grace are back to the basics of sounds with SWR.  I realized Ryan tends to mumble a lot when doing the phonogram sounds, so we are making sure we know them thoroughly and say them correctly.  I figured the practice would be good for Grace, too.  
EXPLODE THE CODE:  Ryan and Grace are both moving along in their books.  These are mostly for practice reading and writing.  They enjoy these, for the most part. 
BIBLE:  The kids have been writing out different verses in their notebooks for copywork.  We’re going through the Bible writing verses going through the alphabet.  They have finished verses up to M this past week.  They are also working on memorizing Psalm 23.  They learned this when they were in kindergarten, but have seemed to have forgotten it.  We’ll get there, though! 🙂  We  sometimes listen to Keys for Kids online, if the morning is going well.  Another thing we’ve been doing is writing in our gratitude journals.  I’m impressed with how wordy Nathan’s entries are!  Grace writes one word things, mostly, but does a great job, so does Ryan.  
Today the boys helped weed our garden-to-be and we had a great time with that.  That definitely counts as phys. ed.  We didn’t go too many places this past week.  The kids did go to their cousin’s on Wednesday and went to a kid’s class at church with him.  They love it and it’s good for them to get out for a bit.  I feel a little lost without my daughter this weekend (she’s at her Mimi’s house), but she is having a great time away.  She sometimes feels the need to “get out of here.”  Mimi has some neighbors that are girls and they love playing together. 🙂
Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the tornadoes and flooding.    

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