First Day Outside the Coop

 Eisenhower wanted to get out of the coop SO bad!
Poor thing has cabin fever and I don’t blame her!
 She’s only been outside once or twice for maybe a minute
or 2 each time.  She would try calling the chicks out, but they wouldn’t come.
As you can see from this picture, one chick didn’t step down the
ramp at this time.  That’s Patch – the oldest. 🙂  
Ever cautious.  As an oldest child, I know this to be true.
 The other ones followed their mama down the ramp.  
This was their first time out of the coop, ever, and
did they ever love it!
 Exploring the ground a little here.
Their mama called them off the cement in a minute or two after
this picture was taken.
 Of course there was an audience.
All 5 of us were there watching and seeing how things 
would work out with her and the other hens and the rooster.
I am super nervous about letting them out myself. 
Eisenhower is outnumbered by the leghorns, but she
handled the few situations that arose very well.
Poop Shoe did NOT like the girls fighting with each other and 
would run over to see what was happening.  Eric nicknamed
him “The Peacemaker.”
Eisenhower and Poop Shoe had a stare-down at one point.
She totally won because he looked away.
We don’t know what all this means, but the rooster seemed
ok with the chicks yesterday and Eisenhower seemed
to trust him around the babies.  We’ll have to be careful
with the mama and babies for a while.
 Eisenhower got out of the coop and went immediately to
have a wonderful dirt bath.  She was there for a long time enjoying
the dirt.  As you can see, the kids came around to see what their mama
was doing.  It was so cute to see her lead the kids around.
 Francis is quite the worm hound.
Every time we saw him/her, he/she was running away with 
a worm in his/her mouth.
*My guess is Francis is a boy – so much tinier than the other chicks.
Just like his daddy was at that age.*
Eisenhower lead the chicks around the coop and out
into the yard.  All of them loved being outside last evening and 
I wish I had my camera more after this, but I put it away in case I had
to chase leghorns and other chickens away from the mama and babies.

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