Time . . . Where is it Going??? {365}

Lately I’ve been so busy that I can hardly sit for a few minutes without thinking about 500 things I should be doing.  Even now!  I’ve wanted to write my Weekend in Review post and then just blab about all the things we have done.  So I am going to start with Friday:

My husband had the Good Friday off, so we hung out at home for a while.  We always enjoy taking care of the chickens and watching the mama hen and her babies.  It was, of course, rainy.  It has been raining every day since last Thursday.  Thankfully it hasn’t rained yet today.  The wind is blowing and the sun is shining right now AND it’s WARM!!!  I love warm weather.  I’m not a fan of being cold!

Friday we decided to take a trip up north to this store called Sharp Shopper.  We’ve heard they have great deals on foods, so we did some shopping there.  Extra food shopping for our food supply in the basement.  It’s coming along nicely, but I do have more shopping and organizing to do.  I’m posting a picture of our basement storage.  It’s a bit messy here.  I’ve since put all boxed and bagged things in plastic tubs since we seem to have some mice living in our basement.  In less than a week, I’ve trapped 3 mice in the basement, so far.  It is amazing how we start stocking up in earnest and the mice decide to invade.  Very frustrating, but it’s getting under control – hopefully! 🙂

My shelving units look a lot different now.  Nicer, I think.  The boxes and stuff aren’t as organized as I’d like in the plastic containers, but at least the food is protected for the moment.  I definitely need more containers!  I am going to be putting 50 pounds of rice in canning jars (it’ll end up being 40 cups of rice) and the rest will be in vacuum sealed bags in a container in the basement.    I have 75 pounds of flour that still need bagged and put in the freezer and I have to start rotating and using my storage supplies regularly so they can be used properly.

Saturday was a busy day for me.  I went grocery shopping and it took forever!  Everywhere was so busy since Easter was Sunday and everyone was shopping.  I was shopping out of necessity, not because of the holiday.  It’s NOT my favorite thing, that’s for sure.  Grocery shopping is my least favorite kind of shopping.

Sunday morning we woke up early, but no Easter egg hunts like previous years.  I forgot to buy candy, BUT the kids got a video game.  They enjoyed time playing on the xbox before church.  Much better than going to church on a sugar high!

 The latest and greatest Star Wars game.
The kids love it because when they play it together
they don’t have to drag the other person’s character around.
It looks fun, I like the Lego Star Wars games.

Sunday after church – which was a beautiful Resurrection service, I must say – we came home and had lunch and just hung around home until it was time to go to my parent’s home for dinner.  It was a nice family get together!  Here are some pictures of family.  My nieces and nephew are adorable!

 Emma is such a poser and a cutie pie! 🙂
 Christian is just super cute, what can I say?
Even with crazy hair. 🙂
 Not my best picture of Grace and Ayla, but they are so cute together!
 All 6 of the kids enjoying their snack after Easter dinner.
Dilly bars, I do believe.
 We adults enjoyed the DQ ice cream cake.
That is my favorite kind of cake in all the world.
I’m not a fan of real cake.
I learned that my love for ice cream comes from my
mom’s side of the family.  They all love it!
 One of my azalea’s bloomed the other day.
I love them!
Such a great reminder that spring is here!
Azalea’s getting ready to bloom yesterday.
I got a few pictures of them bloomed today – I’ll add later, maybe.
 This is my *356* walking picture.
The chickens were following me and I was walking and 
snapped this shot of the birds behind me.  
These hens cracked me up because they’re laying
around this bush with a wing up and a leg or 2 sticking out
in the sunshine!  Nothing like a few minutes in the sun!
Today I’m going to catch a moth for my daughter.  She had a moth, but it died and she cried this morning because it died. 😦  She obviously loves little critters and creatures.  The boys seem to have fun watching the chicks and being outside.  I’m glad.  They need to be out in the sunshine and so do I!!  
My garden is calling me to clean it up and get it ready.  It’s hard when it rains every day.  Maybe I’ll try (with help from the kids) for a little bit.  So that’s the exciting news from here!  
Life is full, life is wonderful, and life is blessed by God.  I am thankful for all the wonderful things He has given me, especially my husband, children and my family.  

5 thoughts on “Time . . . Where is it Going??? {365}

  1. Hey! Enjoyed “catching up” with you through this post. We'd love to put together a food supply like you have some day. I'm just so bad at rotating items. I'm sure once you get into the habit it's easy, but getting it to be a habit is hard for me. Bryn is the same way with moths/bugs. She caught a moth over the weekend and she just checked on it today and it was dead. It was pretty too. Well, I need to get up before I'm sitting here for hours! Talk to you later!

  2. My shelving is set up facing each other, so when we use stuff from the middle we can stock it from behind and keep things rotating properly. We're really just getting started with stocking. We figure 5 people and we are trying to have enough food for quite a bit – I'd like a year's worth, but don't know if that will really happen. Enough for a long period of time is a good start – I'm not sure how long we could live off what we have at the moment.

    I am currently taking inventory of what we do have and developing a good rotation plan.

    Today I am working on bagging things for the freezer. Yesterday I worked on a huge rice bag and it's in storage now. Flour . .. not my favorite, but it needs put away. 🙂

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