{365} Pictures from the Week.

 A turkey making the chickens freak out the other day.
 It was warm this day, but very foggy and rainy. 
 Ready to ice and decorate some sugar cookies.
 I was sneaking to try to get a good picture of the deer.
I’m not very good at sneaking, but I tried. 
 Eisenhower and the chicks.
She was calling them over to try cracker crumbs.
 The chicks all have names now.
The black one is “Francis.”
The one beside the black one is “Patch.”
The one behind Francis is “Spot.”
The chick behind Patch is “Rusty.”

 I had Eisenhower and the chicks out of their cage for a while today.
They really enjoyed their time out.
I’m sure Eisenhower wants to go outside really bad,
 but I still don’t trust those crazy leghorns. 
 The dogwood buds. 
I love the dogwood tree.
Looking into the sky at the dogwood buds.
Like these buds, I am longing for warm, spring weather.

5 thoughts on “{365} Pictures from the Week.

  1. Thanks, Ron! Thankfully we haven't had really severe weather, just lots and lots of rain. We live up on a hill, so we don't have have to worry about flooding, but it does get soggy.

    Have a Blessed Easter!

  2. I love the picture of the fog. However, being in it gives me an eerie feeling. Too many scary movies. 🙂

    Thanks for your encouragement, friendship, and prayers.

    Hope your family has a blessed Easter!

  3. Wonderful photos. Warm weather seems to be teasing us at the moment. Rain, sun, rain and now snow! What gives? I long to plant the seeds I have sitting on my fridge.

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