Weekend In Review {365}

 These pictures were taken at the zoo on Thursday.
I am pretty happy with how they turned out and the kids
are just too cute! 🙂  

 I thought this one was so adorable!
The baby Orangutan is growing up rather quickly! 
 These are African Wild Dogs. 
There are quiet a few of them!
I guess they had a litter of 8 pups last year.
 I love the Meerkats!  They are so adorable and
fun to watch.  While they aren’t shaped exactly like 
a ferret, they remind me of ferrets.
 I was trying to get a good picture of the green in the area.
Obviously I need to work on brightening up the picture a little, 
but I am excited for the green grass!
 Yesterday we “surprise” partied my husband’s brother
and wife.  They kind of knew it though.  
They have been married (well May 3rd is the actual date)
for 25 years!
Dawn may not like me putting this picture on my blog, but
it’s such a good one of them!
She only allowed one chance for a good picture, so I had
to use flash so it would turn out ok the first time. 🙂
A picture of their delicious cake!  I am not a huge
cake person, but this one was delicious.
The creamy icing was wonderful!
Congratulations Kevin and Dawn! 🙂

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