Weekly Wrap-Up

Week 31
This was a rather interesting week of school, but still good! 🙂  We had regular school days Monday and Tuesday, then Wednesday we were to go on a field trip, but it was cancelled, so instead we took a  “sick day.”  Grace had been sick on Tuesday with a fever all day.  She was doing better by Wednesday and is ok now, but seems to have developed a cold.  Poor thing’s nose is a leaky faucet!  The boys are doing well at the moment.  Nathan was complaining about his throat hurting a little bit ago. I’m hoping it is nothing.  Time will tell.  
Anyway, Thursday was to be a beautiful day in our area, so instead of having a normal day of school we headed to the Pittsburgh Zoo!  It was a perfectly beautiful day and the kids and I totally enjoyed our day out together!  I was pretty sure we weren’t going to get much done at home that day anyway, so we walked around the zoo looking at the animals.  We loved it!
Yesterday the kids did a little extra in their Math, Grammar, Spelling, Explode the Code to make up for the “sick day.”
I’ll spare all the details of the week, but it was a productive one!  Everyone finished at least one lesson in Math, did 4 pages in Grammar books, Grace and Ryan did 12 pages in the E.T.C. books and yesterday all 3 took spelling tests and did well.  Nathan and Ryan each missed one word on their tests and Grace did very well, but does need to work on her abbreviation – Mr.  
Bible, we listened to Keys for Kids and the kids are now writing out a Bible verse each day for a letter of the alphabet (they wrote 4 verses this week).  
We didn’t do Music or Art this week.  I did purchase notebooks for our Gratitude Journals.  We didn’t start writing in them, yet. They’ll decorate the first page for Art in the coming school week.    
Tuesday Nathan is going to take his CAT test.  Ryan will have to take one, too, but on a different day.  
I’ll post a few zoo pictures after I play around with them.  I LOVE my new camera, but I am still getting used to using it! 🙂  I have to convert the pictures from one format to another.  I’m terribly slow! 

4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up

  1. Sickness is no fun, but it sounds like you guys made the best of it; a zoo trip sounds great! We're going to do that this summer, after Monkey's Nana is done with teaching and they can come with us. I'm looking forward to it!

  2. Glad the sickness passed so you could enjoy the zoo day:)

    getting and learning to use a new camera is fun and work:) Hope you got some fun zoo pics:)

    I'm a new follower!

  3. Hi Sarah, Ritsumei and Kelly (thanks for following!)! The boys seem to be getting what their sister had. My oldest was fevered last night after complaining about a sore throat yesterday. 😦 My middle son isn't what I'd call totally sick, just yet, but time will tell with him. This is the first we've been sick in a long time! Thankfully it's nothing too terrible, just a little annoying.

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