Thinking About Gardening {365}

 These are seeds I bought for this year’s garden
and harvested from my garden last year (in baggies). 
The corn isn’t going to be planted in the garden, but
Ryan wants to make his own plot for the corn.
I told him he’ll have to make some kind of fence around it.
Should be interesting to see how he does!
I’m getting ready right now to plant my tomato seeds.
I have my egg shells prepared, just have to put soil, 
water and the seeds in there.
This has nothing to do with gardening, but the turkey fryer
is laying on its side because a bear knocked it over and was
licking it up last night.
I am rather sad about it because we boiled that down quite a bit, 
but ran out of propane.  *sigh*
So there goes my extra maple syrup for the year. 😦
We’ll do better next year, I’m sure! 
It was a rather large bear for our area.  I missed out on a picture 
because I couldn’t really believe my eyes or get my camera quick enough.

2 thoughts on “Thinking About Gardening {365}

  1. That's too bad about your syrup. All that work! I'm sure it made the Bear happy though 🙂
    We have many of our seeds started in our tiny greenhouse. Hopefully we will be able to get them outside soon. We are going to try raised beds with square foot gardening this year. Hope it works because I really feel like this year it is VERY important to harvest and preserve as much as we can.

    Good luck with your seeds!

  2. Hi Red! Thanks for stopping by! I did plant my tomato seeds yesterday to get them started. I'm trying them in egg shells to start. We'll see how it goes. I don't have much luck with tomatoes! I am also testing some spinach seeds and pea seeds that I harvested last year and see how they grow.

    I totally agree that this is an important year for gardening. I hope I don't blow it! I am not, by nature, a green thumb kind of gal, but I do try!

    You'll have to take pictures of your raised, square foot gardens! That sounds very interesting!

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