Weekly Wrap-Up

Week 30
It was another good week of school!  I am loving school lately – for the most part.  🙂  We do have our issues from time to time, but they get worked out or we at least get through them for that moment.  
MATH:  The kids are plying through their first few lessons of their new math books and that is great!  No one is grumbling about Math at this point in time!
GRAMMAR:  There is always grumbling in the grammar department, but we press on anyway.  Nathan is working through his cumulative noun review section of his Grammar book.  He seems to remember more than I thought he would and THAT makes me HAPPY!  Ryan is working in this Language Arts book.  He’s not thrilled with Grammar at all.  I told him he has to do it even if he doesn’t like it.  
SPELLING:  It was another good week of spelling.  Everyone is working on a new list of words.  We worked on a few different activities this week.  We’ll keep the same lists for next week and do some more activities with them.
STATE HISTORY:  Monday and Wednesday we worked on answering some more of the questions on our list of 20 questions for our notebook.  We are up to #17.  We’ll probably finish answering questions next week and start assembling the notebooks.  At least that is my plan.  
SCIENCE:  We started reading about the kinds of rocks there are (sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic) and how each are made.  Then we were interrupted with the hatching of 4 eggs our one hen had been sitting on.  The rest of science this past week was more biology and how mama hens take care of their babies, etc.  It was a learning experience for me, too!  I love learning new things! 🙂
BIBLE:  The kids wrote out verses on How We Can Be Wise and We Should Study to Please God.  The kids copied Job 28:28; James 1:5,6; Proverbs 4:7; II Timothy 2:15.  We also listened to Keys for Kids online each days.  
I’m going to get a picture of the 4 chicks.  I only have pictures of each one, but not the newest ones.  I’ll get one today.  Until then, these are some pictures I put on my other blog:  


4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up

  1. Adorable! We had chicks visit us – can't have them myself, because of a stupid city ordinance – and they're just the cutest little fluffy things! Enjoy!

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