Ugh, I had to change my comment format to where I approve the comment before publishing.  I don’t mind the occasional spam – IF it’s nothing awful.  What I do mind is some sick pervert commenting on something.  I posted my baby chick picture and some sick person wrote the most vulgar comment.    I hope no one else saw it. I removed it right away.  That just disgusts me so much.  Why people think it’s ok to do that, I have no idea.   Anyway, my lesson has been learned!  I LOVE comments, so please comment, folks! 🙂  I just have to approve it first!

I could rant on and on, but I think you other bloggers know what I am talking about, so I won’t belabor the point!


2 thoughts on “Comments

  1. Wow, Shellie! That's awful! Yeah, I've had some spam messages here and there, but nothing nasty. Anyway . . . I am glad to approve the comments now. 🙂

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