A Chick Hatched!

I wasn’t able to get a picture, but one egg has hatched.  I am so excited!!  Eisenhower seems to be a good mama so far!  I did take a picture of her on the nest and I did put in some chick feed for the baby.

I will try posting pictures if I can get one of the baby!  I wasn’t expecting a chick today, but after looking at my bedroom calender I see one was due to hatch! lol  DUH! 🙂  So possibly 3 chicks tomorrow and one on Wed.  There are only 5 eggs and I don’t know which ones she ate really.  Sharpie markers don’t stay on egg shells well – though better than a pencil I’m sure.  

Well, I’m off to get a haircut.  My hair is feeling like straw and needs some split ends removed. 🙂

Be sure I will be updating about the chicks! 🙂


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