Photos Just Because . . . {365}

 I was playing with the “food” setting on my camera.
Still have lots of figuring out to do, but still love it! 🙂
 He was taking a picture of me taking a picture of him.
 Then I took a picture of his picture, just for fun! 🙂
 There is green on those twigs!  
Still cold today though.  We had sun and snow today.
 This tree is across the road from our driveway.  
It makes me nervous to drive under it.
I was playing around with my manual settings this evening.
I’m not sure exactly what all the numbers are yet, but I 
got the glare down on this one and really like it!


4 thoughts on “Photos Just Because . . . {365}

  1. The PBJ pic makes me hungry! 🙂 Tracy, lol about the big lens you have! IT's true. I never even think about how BIG it is until I see a picture of me holding the camera! 🙂

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