Saturday Happenings

We are sitting around here a little bit bored today.  We have cut way back on our excessive travels.  Since tomorrow’s church, we’ll do our trip to town afterwards.  I should write my list and check it twice! 🙂  I tend to forget things.

Last night I stayed up until 3am.  I almost felt like a naughty child staying up so late! lol  The hubby and I were up watching movies.  He took a nap from 5pm until 11pm and was wide awake after that.  I was tired, but I sat in the kitchen until about 11 planning school for next week and wasting time on the computer.  I got my bath and figured I’d go to bed after that, but after my bath I was wide awake!  It was weird!  It was like a very late date night with the hubby.  Kinda fun watching movies and eating popcorn so late.  That doesn’t happen very much at all.  

Yesterday I took my first several photos in RAW format.  I don’t even really know what it means, except that it gives you way more freedom to tweak your pictures and they are way huge!  I had “Lossless Compressed” turned on and “14 Bit.”  My User’s Manual sort of explains them, but I still don’t understand.  If any of my photography friends can explain it to me, do feel free to email me (emilystrobel at embarqmail dot com) or refer me to a great link about it.  Thanks!

The kids crack me up!  I heard them this morning – before 8am – downstairs, so I came down to see what they were doing.  There’s nothing much on tv these days, so they were playing a video game together.  I’m always amazed that they can get up way early (after staying up until almost 11pm) and play their games, but on a school day it’s a different story.  They are generally in bed by 8:30, sometimes 9.  A late school night is probably 9:30 and the next morning is so awful!  No one can get out of bed by 7:45.  Just amazes me!  Of course, video games are more fun than school, I suppose.

The kids took care of the chickens this morning after I went back to bed for a bit – the late night/early morning did catch up to me!  There were 12 eggs today and the chickens are out doing their pecking and scratching all over the place.  All except for Eisenhower, of course.  She is still faithfully sitting on her 5 eggs.  She ate a little bit of cooked oatmeal today, but didn’t like how it stuck to her beak.  I ended up hand feeding her some scratch grains (lots of corn = carbs she needs) and giving her water out of a dropper.  Some time in the next week we should see some eggs hatching.  I’m excited and a little nervous!  I hope she gets a couple chicks from all her efforts and sacrifice.  She squawks a lot when I put my hand in her cage, but she never has pecked me or the kids.  She knows not to bite the hands that feeds her. 🙂  

Today I mixed up a batch of eggs & beets for my husband.  He loves those things.  I love the pickled eggs, but not the beets.  I have tons of eggs, so I cooked up 2 dozen and put 14 in the eggs in with the beets and juice.   Will use the other eggs for other things.  I love to eat hard boiled eggs with toast in the morning.

We’re almost ready to start our 2nd batch of sap boiling! I am SO excited!  The 11 gallon garbage can is full on the back porch and the trees have started pouring out sap yesterday and today!  Hopefully that can last a little longer.  Another 9 gallons of sap would be great!

Really, not a lot of exciting stuff going on, I just like to talk.  🙂  I’m off to take a walk to the mailbox.  It really is a walk, especially uphill!  There’s a tree I want to get a picture of.  It looks like it could fall at any time and if it does, I’m not sure how our electricity will be affected or for how long! I will post the picture later (not in RAW format).

Have a Blessed and Relaxing Lord’s Day! 🙂  


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