Weekly Wrap-Up

Week 29
This past week of school was not an overly hard week for the kids.  I wanted to ease them back into school after having a week off.  We had some fun times and some not as fun times, but that happens! 🙂  
MATH:  Grace didn’t start her Beta book this week.  I had her work on the clock pages at the back of her Alpha book and she really enjoyed them and did a couple addition and subtraction review pages.  Monday she’ll begin in her new book.  Both boys started their Gamma books and seem to really enjoy them so far. Nathan finished 2 lessons this week (well minus the test of lesson 2).  Ryan finished lesson 1 today with a 100% on his test.  Great Math week!
GRAMMAR:  Nathan has reviewed nouns this week and will continue doing so for a couple days next week.  Ryan started his new book and seems to be enjoying it.  Ok, not even a little bit of joy in it. lol  He just plain hates it, but he has been informed that he HAS to do it anyway.  
SPELLING:  Ryan and Grace reviewed and retested section I-2 this week.  Both had missed 4 words (different ones each) the last time they took the test, so I thought after a vacation would be a good time to review and retest.  Nathan did section Q-2 this week and tested today.  All 3 of them missed 2 words on each test (20 words).  I give them their tests alone.  They concentrate better that way.  Nathan was extremely upset that he missed 2 words.  I’m so glad he LOVES spelling and is upset over missing something.  It’s how I know he really loves the subject! 🙂  
SCIENCE:  We watched some videos this week and I had the kids work on some lap books we started at the beginning of the school year.  Mainly they had to cut, color and tape things into place. So science was a combination of Art, too.  They enjoyed it!  
STATE HISTORY NOTEBOOK:  The kids are working on notebooks we started at the beginning of the school year.  We have about 8 more questions to find the answers to and then they’ll start assembling.  It should be fun to see how their notebooks turn out.  
BIBLE:  We start each day listening to a broadcast by Keys for Kids online.  Then the kids got their own notebooks and are practicing neatness by copying Bible verses into them. (I got tired of printing so many pages of copywork stuff online).  This week’s topic was God Wants Us to Be Wise and they printed a verse each day about being wise.  Proverbs 3:13,14; 8:11;  Ecclesiastes 2:13; 7:19  We’re also going to do an Easter Devotional by Ann Voskamp.  
EXPLODE THE CODE:  Ryan and Grace both enjoyed their books this week.  Something about a new book is just so much fun for them.  I’m sure they’ll hate it soon enough, but for now it’s good! 🙂  

4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up

  1. Giggly, I agree about the new stuff! :)I love new stuff!

    Jamie, I did that before we had our break! It was an easy week, but we did get stuff done. My oldest complained that our week off went way too fast and it sure did! Enjoy your break!

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