Maple Sugaring

We have 6 of these gallon jugs hanging on trees right now.
This was part of that sap we boiled down.
 We used the old turkey fryer to do most of the boiling.
Used LOTS of propane, but it was fun! 🙂
 After running out of propane I brought what was left into
the kitchen and finished boiling it down there.
It has to boil at 7 degrees above the boiling point and then 
you know that it is indeed syrup.
There is a quart and a half here, but I ended up boiling it down
some more the next morning and had just under a quart. 
It’s very good and very sweet!
Definitely don’t need much on the pancakes or waffles! 
This is the result of a field trip that the kids and I went to on March 1st
to Lutherlyn.  It inspired me to do our own!
I was probably more impressed with the field trip than the kids!
This is what we did LAST weekend. . . 
I’m finally just getting around to posting about it! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Maple Sugaring

  1. We started with 4 trees and then added a couple more. Since it's been cold the flow has been super slow. I am looking forward to it warming up again!! 🙂

  2. Kristal, we used our red maples. They worked fine! I guess Sugar Maples are ideal, but others work ok. There's less sugar in the other maple's sap. If I remember correctly there is 11% sugar in the Sugar Maples and about 2-3% in the others.

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