Vacation Goes So Quickly!

Yesterday and today have been spent cleaning and decluttering my kitchen and school room.  I LOVE when everything is so organized and so clean.  The upstairs has lots to work on, but I’m not going to kill myself over those rooms.  They’ll get done when they get done!

Earlier this week all the kids new Math books and Explode the Code books came in!  Then today while cleaning some drawers in the kitchen I found an Explode the Code book 2, so I’m going to have Ryan work through that before he starts the 3rd one.  So he and Grace are going to do Explode the Code.  I think that’ll help Ryan out with his reading skills.  I hope so anyway!

Then there’s Grammar.  Nathan is going to continue on in his Easy Grammar.  Ryan I am going to hold off and put him in this Language Arts:  Grade 3 by Learning Horizons.  It’s a nice layout and I think that might be more interesting to Ryan.  Here’s hoping to that, too.  🙂

They will continue reading and and I really need to get them writing more.  I’m going to break out the notebooks so they can have a daily journal like they did last year.

Science:  The kids would like to study rocks and constellations, so we are going to go that route this part of the school year.    Eric has a groovy app for his iphone that you can use it outside and find different constellations and it shows where they are and what they’re called.  I’m excited to use it with the kids!

We’ll be doing God’s World News readings (some), but we’re going to concentrate on making our PA State History notebooks for April and May.

Bible, I really need to figure out what we’re going to study.  We’ll probably be listening to Keys for Kids online and use Bible verses for copywork to start.

I do have to start planning school for next week.  We have done absolutely nothing exciting this week, but the kids got to be lazy.  They enjoyed it a lot, but I can’t wait until we are back on a schedule again.

Hopefully the weather warms up again soon.  We really are enjoying our walks when it’s nice out!  The kids beg to go! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Vacation Goes So Quickly!

  1. we have google skies on our phones – it helped the other night to know when to start to see the super moon rising from the horizon! 🙂 i'd love to just look at your explode the code books some time. i'm considering a whole new approach to spelling and reading next year, and that one is on my “to see” list! 🙂 ~liz

  2. Anytime, Liz! I have the first 3 sets of Explode the Code. Grace has a love hate relationship with it. She loved book one, but not so much book 1 1/2. Book 1 1/2 made her do more reading and writing. I made her do it because I know she could.

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