We Have a Hen Sitting on Some Eggs!

 This is Eisenhower!  I never expected the bossy girl
to get all broody on me, but she sure has!
She is extremely dedicated to hatching these eggs!
There were 8 eggs to start, but things happened in one of the main
nesting boxes where she started this and
she ended up breaking and eating 3 of them. I think
she was trying to defend the nest from the crazy leghorns.
Eric thinks she had too many and ate some.
Either way, she’s been moved and hasn’t had any more issues
eating eggs and is more content since she’s alone in the cage.
She is so dedicated to hatching these 5 eggs that I have to get her out 
of the cage every other day so she can stretch, poo (wow the NASTIEST
of nasty chicken poo ever!), eat and she spends most of her
time under the porch dusting.  She just lays in the dust.
When she is sitting in the cage on her nest, she doesn’t move.
She won’t get up and eat or drink. At. All.
That’s when we (the kids help out here) hand feed her
and give her water from a dropper.  
Yesterday while she was out and about for a bit, I took
this very bright LED flash light and “candled” her eggs.
3 of the 5 definitely have veins in them, the other 2 I don’t
know what is up with them really.  I’m just leaving them
under her for the next couple weeks anyway.  I’m hoping to at least
get a couple chicks so her dedication to this won’t be for naught.
Her dedication to her eggs makes me think about my dedication
to my children and helping them to grow and become the adults
that God wants them to be.  It’s not easy, as all parents know.
There are some really tough times and sometimes, as a parent,
you just don’t know what you’re supposed to do (we’re
kind of going through that at the moment).  
Sometimes it’s easy to say the wrong things to them.
Things that make an impression in the wrong way. 
Things I pray won’t do total damage to their young hearts.
How does a parent combat laziness in a child?  
I mean extreme laziness.  
Frustrating laziness.
Laziness you know shouldn’t be there, but is and won’t go away?
This one has been baffling me for a while now. 
I pray for wisdom and will search God’s Word.
There’s much to be said about laziness in the Bible.
All this from a chicken sitting on some eggs!
What an encouragement and a motivator for me.  
Parenting is not always easy, just as sitting on eggs for 21 
or so day is not easy.
I do learn a lot from these chickens!

2 thoughts on “We Have a Hen Sitting on Some Eggs!

  1. I'm excited about your eggs hatching. I've never been through that before 🙂 As far as a lazy child, I can't help you. My children are grown with families of their own. I have always given God the credit for the way they turned out. Raising kids is hard work. I'll say a prayer for you 🙂


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