Buying a Domain Question . . .

HELP!  Calling all bloggy friends that would know this information . . .

Ok, I am considering buying my own domain, BUT my main question is about photos.  I LOVE putting photos on my blog and didn’t know if owning a domain would help increase the space. (i’ve been so discouraged with this blogger thing and resizing pictures – ugh – I have so many left!)

So, if any of my bloggy friends out there know this information, could you let me know!  I have googled it and can’t seem to find anything about it.

Thanks in advance!!


4 thoughts on “Buying a Domain Question . . .

  1. Hi!

    No, buying a domain will NOT give you any more space for anything. A domain name is only a way for people to reach your website, not the website itself.

    A little background:
    Internet servers live at IP addresses. Think of this like your home address, but with just numbers. But since the number is long, it's hard for people to remember. So instead, we use domain names as a human-readable way to get to IP addresses. So, instead of users typing in '' to get to your website, they can type in '' instead.

    The analogy also holds true for your space question. The house is your website, with all the images, links, and content contained inside. Right now, your domain name is '', which tells people's browsers which address to use to find your house. If you wanted to purchase a domain name, you might get ''. While people could use this new address to get to your house, the house will still be the same size with the same stuff — no bigger!

    Instead, you need to increase the size of your Internet house, specifically the upstairs guest bedroom you use to store all your pictures. I see that you're currently hosting your images on Blogspot, along with the rest of your site. You might see if they have a premium plan that will give you more storage space. Or, you could start uploading images to Flickr, or some other picture site, and then linking to them from your articles. Just because your site is on Blogspot does not mean that everything has to be stored there. Instead, Blogspot is your main house while you store your pictures in Flicker's warehouse downtown. Internet users don't care — to them, it all comes together to make one website no matter where the actual content is stored.

    Too Long, Didn't Read Version: You don't need a new domain name, you need more webspace. Either upgrade your Blogspot account or move your pictures someplace else.


  2. I have not reached a photo limit with Blogger. I didn't know one existed. I'll have to keep that in mind. Are you thinking of merging your blogs into one domain?

  3. Both of my blogs all are in the same picasa web albums site – I go through there and resize my pictures using picnik. It's very tedious. So many of my pictures are HUGE. I'm finally down to 59% of my space used, but wow. You get 1024 MB that are free. I exceeded that a long time ago, so I've been deleting pointless posts (with pictures) and resizing them. I'm at 609 MB and still have a long way to go resizing. I'm going to keep doing it so I can have more room. My new camera's pictures take A LOT of space, so I have to resize them right away. Picnik almost can't handle them. lol

    I'm still debating on the domain thing. I may just do the $5.00 a year for an extra 20GB per year instead. Time will tell I guess. 🙂 I'll figure that out for sure after I can make my pictures as small as possible. I wish I knew that about the photos at the beginning of the blogging! I would have taken care then to resize them. Oh well, live and learn I guess. 🙂

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