Happenings of Late

This is my 4th time trying to post something this week.
My words seem extremely hard to come by these days.
I bite my tongue when I start to complain about anything.
Such petty and stupid complaints.

This hasn’t been a typical week for me for many reasons.  The major thing is what is going on in Japan.  That has captured my attention like nothing else.  Seeing the horrendous upheaval and disasters there is just heart wrenching.  To me it makes every little gripe I did have about life seem pathetic.  They are pathetic gripes – even thinking about them makes me feel ridiculous.

God has blessed us – in the USA.  I do not know why He has, but He has.  There is so much wrong with this country.

It starts with each person – we are accountable to God, especially His children.  If we aren’t living our lives for Him, then what’s the point?

If we aren’t serving Him individually, our country’s family’s are certainly not.  So many families are crumbling.  Families I know I would never have thought things could happen to are just falling to pieces.  What is going on?  I don’t get it.

Our families make up our communities, which make up our country eventually.  If we can’t keep our families together, how can our country stay together?  The lack of commitment is astounding and so very sad and heartbreaking.

God has laid the topic of the family on my heart.  I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with it at this point, but I will continue working on being the wife and mother He wants me to be and to be an example to those I come into contact with.

The kids and I have been watching the news. Not a lot, but we watch for updates out of Japan.  We pray for the many many people there that are in need and our hearts break for them.  I need to research some ways that we can help out.  It’ll be a good thing for the kids to feel like they’ve done something to help, along with praying.

Our own news here. . . we have a chicken that’s sitting on 8 eggs.  Eisenhower is our broody little hen.  I didn’t think we’d have any that would do this.  I’m not sure how many are actually fertile, but I know at least a few are.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens.  We have to hand feed her and give her water from a dropper.  She doesn’t move much.  Sometimes she shifts position, but she doesn’t get off the eggs at all.  I’m excited to see what happens and so are the kids!

Eric has been working lots of hours, which is good, but the poor man is exhausted.  He should take a vacation next week, too.

We’re not doing school next week.  The kids and I NEED the break.  Plus the stuff we ordered the other day and today have to come in before we can continue on. 🙂

I’ve been taking pictures on my cousin’s camera and on my camera.  I haven’t had time to upload any from either camera lately.  I’ve been spending less time in front of the computer (which is a good thing)!

Looking forward to the day we start gardening.  I’ve been getting the bug to at least start working the soil and just may try talking the hubby into it on our next stretch of dry days (which probably won’t be this weekend).  We’ve been collecting sap from our maple trees.  I need more propane so I can continue boiling it down.

I’m taking nothing for granted these days and I am thankful for everything that God has given us.  I pray I can use it to honor Him.

Sorry for the rambling post. . . but thanks for reading!
God bless!


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