Monday, Just Because . ..

Today ended up being a pretty good day of school.  I did skip spelling word dictation for Ryan and Grace, but we’ll do that tomorrow (along with our flash phonogram/rule flashcards).  We accomplished the rest of our studies rather quickly, for a Monday. 🙂

The surprise one was Ryan.  He did an entire lesson (29A-29F) in his Math.  He wanted to catch up to Nathan so they could finish their Math books real soon.  At that rate, Yes, it will be soon!  Grace did have a few issues this morning and got over them, but Nathan had a MUCH better attitude today (than all of last week).  I’m hoping the changes stay.  We’ll just take it day by day.

It was also nice today.  Sunshine ALL day!  I LOVE it!  Of course, the kids didn’t go out. . .maybe tomorrow.  It is rather soggy from the “3-5 inches of snow” we were supposed to have gotten yesterday.  Thankfully that didn’t happen!  An inch or so is enough!

Just a FYI, I learned today that Daylight Savings time happens over the coming weekend. Springing forward is not my favorite time of year.


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