Dear Ebay

I’ve only recently started using you to sell items (my husband’s childhood toys), but it has been so fun!  My favorite part is watching the <1 time at the end. It's kind of a rush of excitement!  It's fun to see who wins and what each item goes for at the end.  

The items that didn’t sell the first or 2nd time, I put back on for a lower price and then they go away!  It’s sometimes tedious, especially listing items that I know nothing about and have to research.  

Remember my post about Micronauts?  Well, tomorrow the last little bit I have left are going bye-bye!  Those things have made a nice chunk of change and to think that never heard of them until fairly recently, but I know A LOT about them now!

Then there are G.I. Joes (early 80’s ones).  I used to play with my cousin’s Joes, but that was a long time ago and I don’t remember much about them.  I’ve been doing much research on them and still have more to do.  It also helps to have boys.  Boys and boys toys seem to go hand in hand no matter what decade the toys or the boys are from!  

Well, ebay, thanks for the fun times!  
Your new friend,

PS.  I don’t know what has possessed me to write these last 2 posts like letters.  It has been fun for me.  Sorry if it’s boring to my readers! 🙂


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