Weekly Wrap-Up

Week 25
The last couple weeks have been productive.  I forgot to post about week 24.  
MATH:  For both Nathan and Grace, this was a review week.  I’m seeing another week of review for Nathan.  I think we’ll watch some vidoes together and see if he can totally grasp the borrow and subtract concept.  Just when I think he’s got it, I realize the really doesn’t.  Sometimes it’s luck. lol  Grace will move on to her lesson #29.  She’ll be finishing her Alpha book real soon.  Ryan just finished lesson 27.  He did a fine job with his math this week!
GRAMMAR:  Nathan and Ryan are both learning about nouns this week.  I am not sure why Easy Grammar doesn’t teach nouns first.  To me, finding the noun is easier than finding the verb.  The boys seem to be enjoying these lessons (as much as boys can enjoy English lessons).  
SPELLING:  Nathan worked on section P-7 this week in SWR and will do another week of activities related to this lesson.  Ryan and Grace started section I-1 after several weeks of reviewing the first 2 sections of the book.  Ryan and Grace are working on reading the words they’ve learned so far and seem to be doing well.  We’ll continue with activities for section I-1 next week and there will be spelling tests for everyone next Friday! 🙂  
GOD’S WORLD NEWS:  We finished up our magazines this week and took a quiz today.  They changed the layout of the magazine and I really love it now!  On Tuesday we read about what happens to bugs in the winter.  Everyone was quite interested in this story because, living in the woods, we have lots of bugs and then they are all gone!  I meant to do something on Presidents since Monday was President’s Day, but I’m thinking maybe I’ll make that a theme for March and we’ll study that!  
SCIENCE:  Monday we took a field trip to the Aviary in Pittsburgh.  I actually drove there.  I am not a city driver at all and thankfully this wasn’t too deep into the city.  Close enough though! 🙂  We really enjoyed looking at the birds and enjoyed a non-schoolwork day of school!  Wednesday and Friday we learned about Uranus and Neptune.
BIBLE:  We start each day with Bible verses and a devotional of some sort.  We finished up our Fruit of the Spirit study last week and enjoyed it a lot!  This week we studied John 16: 1-6.  Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  I found the Bible study on Bible Study Planet. They have all kinds of different Bible studies on that site and we enjoyed doing this one this week.  I have to look at see what we’re doing for next week.  That’ll come this evening while I plan out school!
Here are a few pictures from our field trip on Monday:  
 Checking out some type of eagle here.
 Looking at some birds in the tropic room.
We drug Aunt Cindy along. 🙂
She’ll be moving back to Colorado again soon, 
so we enjoyed the day with her!
 Ryan getting ready to take a picture of this little bird
on his Nintendo DSi.
 Ryan was taking a picture of this goofy fella, too.
The bird was taking nesting material back to the nest.
 Looking at some birds in this exhibit.
 Finding the hidden birds in this picture.
That was fun!
 Me and Grace.
I was supposed to make a face, lol.
 Cleaning up and being silly after lunch. 🙂
And this is just something I found humorous.  Chickens
seem almost that bad! 🙂  

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