No Photos

I haven’t been able to put pictures on lately.  I exceeded the 1GB limit – again.  I just may have to buy more space after all.  *sigh*  I miss not posting pictures.  To me, they make blogging more fun.

So, I will probably bite the bullet here soon and buy some more space and return to upload some photos.  Things have been kind of slow around here though.  Well, slow in the picture taking dept. anyway.


6 thoughts on “No Photos

  1. I have found that I can get my space to last longer if I make the pictures web friendly BEFORE uploading them. Simular to make pictures email friendly before emailing them.

  2. Tracy, blog space. I have limited flickr space per month, but I do fine with that.

    SAHM (ugh, sorry, I forget your name!) I'll have to try that. I have picasa as a photo touch up program.

  3. I have picasa on my computer too. The easiest way I found to change the picture is to export them to a folder that I made to just for blogging pictures. When I export them it resizes them (makes them more friendly for the internet) and places the watermark on them (copyright my my blog url).

    Then when I go to upload them I upload the ones in my blogging folder.

  4. You're welcome I'm sure resizing your pictures before uploading will make your space last longer.

    For example looked at your pictures on this post.. The first one is 246.KB (It takes a about million KB to equal 1 GB or 1000 MB to equal 1 GB) but if all your pictures are that high or higher it won't be long until the space is max. out.

    When I export mine via picasa I make them 400 pixels. Making them 400 pixels make them about 50-75 KB per picture. It just depends on the quality of the original.

    On your post I looked at if the picture was resized to 400 pixels (and no watermarked added) it would make that picture about 50 KB.

    Currently that picture is is about 250 KB so just by resizing it you in theory could have about 5 copies of that picture and it would take up the same amount of space as that one picture does now. Thus you get more room by resizing the pictures.

    I don't know if you would want to take the time to go back and resize your pictures or just leave them and buy more space. Of course if you buy more space then you'll want to be more aware of how to make better use of it.

    You can visit my blog via my profile. As you can my pictures look okay so having them reduce to 400 pixels before uploading them doesn't make them look bad or loose any real visual quality for blogging.

    I did NOT always watch mine pixels but when I realized that I had a limited about of space I started to pay attention and reducing my pictures before uploading. I wished I made all my pictures web-friendly and reduce their sizes from the very beginning. I would have more space then I do now.

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