Pictures from Yesterday {365}

 Such cuteness!  
Grace and Princess Henny Penny.
 Poop Shoe and a few of his gals.
 Some acorns in the snow.
Thought it was an interesting picture.
 Hens dusting under the front porch.
They loved it.
Poop Shoe just watched.  He wasn’t going to dirty himself.
 Yes, I found this green yesterday and was rather excited about it!
It looks like something is trying to grow.
 Grace and I hiked the driveway yesterday.
This is from the middle of the driveway looking down.
 This is from the middle of the driveway looking up.
 Some of the leghorns exploring the ground.
 This is on a boat in our yard.  I just thought it was a neat picture.
 Grass frozen in the ice.
Bubbles frozen in the ice.
Beautiful day for pictures, that was yesterday!
Today is nice and warm, too.
I’m so thankful for the warm weather we’ve had this week!

4 thoughts on “Pictures from Yesterday {365}

  1. Kristal: The driveway is a nightmare sometimes! While I LOVE our location, our driveway is such a pain during the thaw and freeze cycles. 🙂 It can get pretty slick.

    Tracy: Besides “Poop Shoe” and “Princess Henny Penny” we have “Crystal” “Popeye” and “McNugget” (all the Dark Cornish and the gray one). Our leghorns don't really have names. I do say “Hey Freaks” to them often when I visit the coop. 🙂 They freak out a lot.

    True Texan: Some day I would love to move to Texas! 🙂 My husband and I talk of it from time to time. 🙂

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