Muddy Chickens {365}

This is Crystal (named by my daughter).  She is my favorite hen.
She always does this little noise.  I don’t know what it means, but
it sounds motherly and I pretend she is talking to me. 🙂  
Today, since it was warm out, I let the chickens out.
The oldest ones decided to try dusting, even in the mud! LOL
Silly birds!  They seemed to have fun though.
The white ones didn’t try dusting off and this was their first
time outside of the coop since we got them.
I think they’ll enjoy it more when it isn’t so wet, snowy and muddy.
They seemed like they had fun though.
All of them went back in by way of chicken door.
 I ended up tossing most of them out since they wouldn’t
go out by themselves.
 I cleaned and aired their coop out most of the afternoon.
The “dirty” hay went over top of the snow around the coop
so they wouldn’t totally freeze their feet off.
They really seem to enjoy it.
My gripe about these ones:
at least one of them is an egg eater and I don’t know which one. 
I do have my suspicions.  
I’m thinking I need to hang something to darken the nest boxes.

7 thoughts on “Muddy Chickens {365}

  1. Good looking chooks, however I am looking at the snow, sorry, I live in the tropics so I have to look at snow. It's not that I haven't seen snow before, just I dont see it very often these days 😀

  2. Kristal, quite fun and like Tracy said, worth the work! 🙂

    KJ, thanks for following! I am jealous that you live in the tropics! 🙂 IT has been a long, long winter here. We have the snow on the ground and the temps are to be in the 60's today. I'm hoping for a good melt off!

  3. We had chickens when I was a little girl, these photos bring back memories. Our rooster was more like a pet to us, his name was Roscoe, and he slept with our dog!

  4. Our rooster's name is “Poop Shoe.” He's been real nice so far. He's a little weird, but pretty nice. 🙂 Chickens are pretty fun though. Some of them have their own personalities and are just kinda interesting.

  5. Wow, I would have loved a rooster that was a pet. The one we had growing up chased us so I stayed as far away as possible, it is one reason I am relunctant to get a rooster now. I am jsut a big girl 😀

    Living in the tropics means that we can grow a lot all year round, we just get a wet season and a dry season, so plant according to that. What will grow in the dry (near anything)and what can survive the humidity and lots of water in the wet season.

    You have a lovely blog, finding a few of these at the moment as my cyber world expands 🙂

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