My Loves . . .

The man I married 12 years ago in December.
How I love him! He completes me.
He is my common sense and loves me even
though I am crazy sometimes. 🙂  
A man of patience, quietness and strength and a little
bit of silliness.  
My oldest child.
I love him so very much!
He might think I’m a meany sometimes.
Sometime I really am, but it’s for his good.
He just doesn’t realize it yet.
I love him so very much!
I said that already, but it is true! 
He’s sweet and caring.
Don’t let the quiet kid take you by surprise.
He loves to talk once he gets started!
My middle child.
I love him, too.  
He’s a sweet gift from God that
had caught us by surprise.
While a surprise at the time, he has been a 
blessing ever since!
We do butt heads sometimes, but I love him like crazy.
He’s rather artistic.  I’m sure he doesn’t get that
from Eric and I.  Unlike his brother, he loves to talk
and talk and talk.  
 My youngest child.
How I love her! We ARE best friends – she said so! 🙂
She’s such a character and oh so different from her brothers!
I grew up as a girl, but didn’t have to deal with myself each
day like I have to deal with my girl each day. 
She has a funny sense of humor and can be 
such a clown.  She loves to talk.  A LOT.
I don’t know where she gets it from.
Probably her dad. 😉

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