A Valentine’s Day Gripe or Two

 This is the top of our driveway today.
See the shine?  It’s total ice.
 Looking back to where I took the first picture.
Up by the mound of snow.
If only I had ice skates!  That could be fun!
 This is going down the driveway.  Hopefully my valentine
can make it up the hill in his truck after work.
We had sanded the road last week when it was so nasty.
Now it’s nasty again. *sigh*
I am ready for spring.
Really really ready!
This irritates me, too.
I almost stepped in it.
We have no dog, so I shouldn’t have to worry about stepping
in this.  Unfortunately, I do have to watch.
Of course, come better weather, the chickens will be all over the yard.
That’ll prove to be interesting.
Last summer it was little chicken poo.
Not so for this coming summer. . . 
BUT I still think dog poo is worse.
Especially sticking in the tread of my shoes.
So these are my valentine’s gripes.  
Nothing to do with this holiday of love.

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