Weekly Wrap-Up

Week 23
This week was rather uneventful, but much work was accomplished.  
Mainly each week is the same, except for some new breakthroughs and other things the kids decide to do.  
Breakthroughs:  Ryan and his reading.  He was reading some verses for children from The New England Primer 1777.  Some of the words are more challenging for him, but with only some minor frustrations, he sounded out the words.  I had to remind him of some of the phonogram sounds, but he tried first, then I would help him out a little (very little or sometimes not at all).  I lauded his efforts and made sure he knew he did such a great job!  He struggles with not getting anything right the first time.  If it’s not right, then he really wants no part of it and usually doesn’t even try.  It’s hard getting through to him that we learn through trying and through our mistakes.  Mistakes are good, especially in school and when learning is happening.  Grace was practicing her reading skills yesterday, too.  She doesn’t often try and sometimes gets frustrated, but yesterday she did really well.  I pushed her until she had enough, then I let her go for the day.  She did really well with sounding out words she never read before.  We were talking about the phonograms in the bigger words she was reading.  It was good time together for she and I, also for Ryan and I.  
Fruit of the Spirit:  I’m not sure if the kids are enjoying it as much as I am, but it brings a lot of good spiritual conversation into the house.  We start each day with devotions – we’re working on memorizing the “Roman’s Road” Bible verses and the Fruit of the Spirit Bible study.  In addition to the memory work, the kids are doing copywork each day with the memory verses we are working on.  This is Grace’s new favorite thing!  She LOVES to copy the verses. 
ART:  The children have been watching “Wallace and Grommit” movies and are fascinated by claymation (they love any movie made with clay).   Yesterday after school, they popped in Ryan’s newest Wallace and Grommit movie and were watching the “How they make it” segment.  They got out the clay container and all sat on the living room floor and worked on sculpting their characters from “The Curse of the WereRabbit.”  They watched the sculptors in the segments and would stop the  movie and study what she was doing.  It was very cute!  

SPELLING:  Nathan took his test in section P-6 yesterday and was sad to have missed one word (counsel) out of his list of 20.  He loves this subject and loves to do the enrichment activities.  Grace wanted to start a new list of words this week – she had been reviewing lessons A – H-1 since we started school after our Christmas break.  Ryan is continuing to review his word lists (A to H-1).  I have him read them and practice spelling them and he is ok with this.  My next thing for him is to use letters from puzzles so he can make his words with them.  I think the different hands on stuff will be a help to him.

MATH:  Everyone is still moving along finishing a lesson each this week.  Grace finished lesson 28 on Wed. so the rest of the week I had her work on fun pages from her MUS extras book.

GRAMMAR:  We didn’t hit this subject too hard this past week, but I’m planning on working with both boys on sentence structure and the parts of speech.  Ryan did do his Capitalization review pages and took his test on Thursday.  Nathan just did some Sentence Scramble and wrote his sentences in a notebook.

SCIENCE:  We’re continuing our study of the Solar System.  Covered Moons of the Solar System, Jupiter and the Galilean Moons of Jupiter.  They love studying space and the cards we have have wonderful pictures!

GOD’S WORLD NEWS:   We read through our planned pages this week and took the quiz on Friday.  Also we (mostly I) have watching the news on Egypt and had the kids watch some yesterday.  The crowds there were just amazing and we discussed what was going on in that country.  At least as good as I could explain some of it.  There’s still a lot that I don’t understand, but we watched.

All in all it was another productive week!  PTL! 🙂


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