Home Grown Dinner

This doesn’t really count as “home grown”, but it is deer bacon.
If you’ve ever had deer bologna, it tastes like that except with lots of pepper.
It’s already cooked and put together, so you can eat it cold 
and Eric and I did that.  It’s way better fried! In butter.
Everything’s better in butter. 🙂
 This is part of the homegrown meal we had for dinner last night.
It was one of our roosters.  He was buttered up and seasoned,
then put in the crockpot all day (he was frozen). The crockpot helped
him not be tough and everyone enjoyed it.
Not everyone knew the source of him though. 
That is still a secret.
 Along with this tasty chicken, we had some canned
green beans that I grew in the garden last summer!
I sauteed some garlic and almond slivers in butter, then
put the quart of green beans (drained) in the pan.
It was really quite delicious as well!
Along with those, we had some homemade egg bread.
My bread machine had a recipe for it, so I made it in there.
YUM – again!  While that was going on, I made some 
homemade vanilla custard.  It is good.  I need to
do something with that though, don’t want to waste it.
I was quite excited to serve a mostly homegrown meal!
The wheat and other bread ingredients are obviously not homegrown,
but it was still wonderful to be able to put the meal together!
Lots of homemade things the last few days.  Tonight I’m going
to make some won-ton wrappers (found recipes online, of course)
and am going to fry up some more Lumpia.  It was such 
a hit with the family.  I think I’ll make that and some
pizza or pretzels so we can watch the Superbowl!  
Go Steelers! 🙂  
Had to do a cheer for the home-team! 🙂
I just cut up a bunch of apples, so I better get making my 
pie crust.  I LOVE homemade apple pie!
We didn’t go to church today because our driveway is
so awful!  It is scary!  BUT I HAD to get out last night
because I have been going stir crazy.  We risked life going down
the icy driveway (Eric really is an expert at it though – I LOVE him!)
Thankfully it snowed while we were out (it had rained, then froze
earlier in the day) and we were able to get back up the driveway
with no problem!  
I’ve been trying to find some Arm & Hammer Washing Soda so 
I can make my own laundry detergent, but can’t find it at
any of the local stores.  There are a couple local grocery
stores that I have yet to check, but all the big store do not have it.
Ordering it online just seems to be a waste of money to me.
Today I read this book about the Twenty-Third Psalms to the kids.
It was a children’s storybook, but it explained the Psalm so well.  
It explained what the shepherd does
 and was an example of how God is with us – His sheep.  

4 thoughts on “Home Grown Dinner

  1. Liz, thanks for the heads up!! 🙂 I can't believe I looked everywhere BUT there. Live and learn! 🙂

    Robin, tried Lowes last night. Along with Walgreens, Target, Big Lots.

    Angie, aww, thanks! Love you too!

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