A Survival Mom Blog


The Survival Mom is a blog I’ve been reading for quite some time now.  She has guest posts and all kinds of wonderful tips and ideas for being prepared for any type of emergency or disaster or tough economic times.

The other day she decided to start a Survival Mom Blog Ring where other women/mom/preparers can share ideas and recipes and all kinds of neat information.  I am looking forward to “meeting” other women/moms/preparers. 🙂

I’ve been stocking our basement with some things, but really need to work on doing a better job at it.  Be more organized and take an inventory.  I already rotate the canned goods and things we do use on the shelves, but there are more things I think we need in stock.  I made a few lists, but  they aren’t that great, so I need to do a better job and be way more specific!

Anyway, I wanted to share these sites.  The trouble in Egypt weighs on me and I have this intense desire to be prepared in case something bad happens.  You never know what gas prices will be and in case we’re stuck at home, it would be best to have what we need.   I know God IS in control and He will take care of us and I also think it’s ok to be prepared.


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