Weekly Wrap-Up

Is it sad that I constantly have to look in my kid’s notebooks to see what week we have finished up?  Week 22 is done.  Each week seems the same lately.  Though good, nothing overly thrilling.

MATH:   Nathan and Ryan each finished up a lesson this week.  Nathan 26, Ryan 24.  I think Nathan FINALLY understands borrow and subtract.  He didn’t miss any on his test today!  Grace finished lesson 26 and started lesson 27 yesterday.

Grammar:  Nathan read over his capitalization rules and seemed to do ok with the work he had scheduled this week.  He took his capitalization test yesterday and got a 93%.  Much better than I thought he would do and I am glad!  Ryan has been working on capitalization, too.  He doesn’t really like it at all, but he must do it anyway.

Spelling:  Nathan took his section P-5 test today and got a 100%!  He loves spelling. 🙂  Ryan and Grace both reviewed lessons from Section A – H-2.  Ryan is going to do one more week of reviews and Grace wants to start her lesson H-2 on Monday.

Explode the Code:  Grace does a good job with these books (1 and 1 1/2), though sometimes she tries to rush through 1 1/2 without reading.  She does good reading when she applies herself.

SCIENCE:  This week we learned about Mars, asteroids and meteors and meteorites.  The kids are really enjoying the Solar System Cards.  I think I say that each week, but it’s true! 🙂

God’s World News:  We read from the cover to page 7 in our magazines this week and ended the week with a quiz on the first 7 pages.  GWN changed their format and I REALLY love it!

BIBLE:  This week we learned/relearned Romans 6:23 and on Monday we started our Fruit of the Spirit Bible study by Beckie at thehomeschoolrookie.blogspot.com!  It has been such a blessing for myself and for the kids.  I love when we talk spiritual things and this study gets them talking more about God.  It’s a wonderful subject and I love to get interaction from them.

Tuesday we were supposed to go on a field trip to go snow shoeing, but as much of the country was struck by this huge storm system, so were we.  Tuesday morning we woke up to freezing rain.  blah!  It was quite awful!  Also, I didn’t have a vehicle this week.  The old Durango is rather reliable in this weather and Eric really needed that – his truck likes to pop out of 4WD at inopportune times (he decidedly hates free sliding backwards down our driveway – I hate sliding front-ways or backwards in any vehicle).

We’ve been cooped up in the house this week.  I do get to escape to take care of my chickens each day – in another coop, haha.  🙂

That’s a wrap-up! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up

  1. We love GWN for kids, too! And I find myself referring back to the kids' work to remember what we did this week (or I make wrap-up worthy notes throughout the week).

    Hope you get out of the house soon!

  2. Sounds like a great week, except for the being cooped up part. Hope the weather improves for you this week. BTW, I have no idea what week we're on and would have to catch up my attendance sheet and count days to find out.

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